Xenoblade Chronicles: Up Through the Belly of the Beast

"XC is game-making on an Olympic level, something that’s appreciated in the drill-down pliability of the battle mechanics as well as the literal up-scaling of environments. The area I’m in now reminds me a lot of the Archylte Steppe in Final Fantasy XIII, a mammoth outdoor expanse inhabited by hundreds of creatures, some harmless, others terrifying and a few as tall as skyscrapers. Here, it’s called “Bionis’ Leg,” after the world-sized body part you’re meant to be traversing, but it looks more like someone dropped a huge swathe of subtropical Africa onto the thing’s stomach and said “have at it!” You can roam pretty much anywhere, and it’s easy to get turned around, but more in a “hey, I’ve never seen that before!” and not an “aww crap, more of this?” way."

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