Major Sonic reboot coming in 2014?

SEGA may be planning on launching a major overhaul of its Sonic The Hedgehog series in 2014.

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VanillaBear3019d ago

Wacth it be dumbed down and be really, REALLY, childish...pushing old school Sonic fans out

I just have a feeling thats what they're going to do, reboots have never went well this gen

Captain Qwark 93018d ago

probably, all they need to do is make it old school, with an actual good story and challenging game-play. add 1 other feature to make it unique and give it graphics that are maybe cell shaded, lastly take out the homing shit becuase that makes it too easy and done, reboot successful.

TopDudeMan3018d ago

I'd be happy with a full retail game that is exactly like sonic 4: episode 1, but faster and more fluid, longer, with fire lightning and water bubbles, with tails and knuckles, without the homing attack and with original levels and bosses. I have hope for episode 2, I guess. Episode 1 was good, but it didn't feel like a sequel to Sonic 3 + Knuckles. Felt more like a remake of sonic 1.

VanillaBear3018d ago


I don't know why they didn't do Sonic 4 as a full retail game instead of spilting it up into episodes. It's insulting for a sequel to the classic megadrive games to get that sort of treatment. Thats why I'm waiting untill all the episodes are out, maybe they'll do a retail special edition version.

R1CAN6173018d ago

Just make Sonic Adventure 3

MiyagiSPG3018d ago

Hope they release this in 2013 then reboot the franchise the following year :)

NYC_Gamer3018d ago

How many times will Sega reboot this dead franchise?

TopDudeMan3018d ago

I don't think it's dead, they just need to go back and play sonic 1, 2 and 3 and then bring that good stuff into their new games.

ShaunCameron3018d ago

The Sonic franchise isn't dead, but it's certainly not the multi-million seller it once was.

Tapewurm3018d ago

Sonic Generations on PS3 in 3D was actually a blast to play.

SeraphimBlade3018d ago

I thought everything's been some kind of reboot since Sonic Adventure

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The story is too old to be commented.