Sony CES 08 Press Conference: LiveBlog

Like always Sony has made Gadgetell trek all the way over to the convention center for their press conference. They are expecting, besides the regular announcements (LCD TVs, OLED displays, cameras, new computers, new Blu-ray players), a new and improved Mylo 2. Stick around to this page for live coverage of all the announcements (you can reload the page by hitting Ctrl+R or F5).

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Buubar4029d ago

Awesome find Dr.Pirate. I was looking on engadget but couldn't find anything a while back, thanks :)

DrPirate4029d ago

Sure thing, my pleasure guys.

rofldings4029d ago

thanks for the link - it's great ... except for the useless commentary by the reporters.

DrPirate4029d ago

Yeah his snarky, smartass comments are getting to me, but whatever, I guess he bought into HD-DVD, so no bad blood. There's no reason for him to be acting like such an unfunny ass.

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Skerj4029d ago

WHY are they sticking to this Mylo thing? The first one was mostly obsolete, and sucked. I hope the second has more features but I'm not thinking it will, considering most cell phones do everything a Mylo does.

DrPirate4029d ago

They just showed the mylo on stage, hahaha, first thing I thought of was your comment :P.

Skerj4029d ago

Hah it is pretty useless unless you have like a crappy ass Boost Mobile phone or something. All of the features that are touted are in other phones, it's NOT a phone, and it requires WiFi for the stuff that you'd want to use like Skype and the web. Maybe there's a market for it that I'm not seeing or something, but I'll stick with an HTC phone and a data plan. Oh yeah, thanks for the link too, I'm refreshing like a mofo to see the news.

vloeistof4029d ago

haha i have to go to school in six hours and im still awake.

( im working on a book report lol)

DrPirate4029d ago

Ergh, trying to keep my excitement and anticipation low, I don't want to expect to much, but I can't help but get excited over these types of things. I'm such a nerd :(.

TANOD4029d ago

Thx for the link though

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The story is too old to be commented.