Lazygamer - Looks like the latest Battlefield 3 patch has broken the game

Do you happen to be a fan of EAs contemporary wartime shooter Battlefield 3 game? Then you might not be too happy with the latest "fixes" from the current patch.

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xYLeinen3020d ago

Ow, I thought people said the game already was broken.

If I wasn't already confused, I am now..

MariaHelFutura3019d ago

According to some gamers everything is "broken".

urwifeminder3019d ago

Fans are wrecking the industry with whinging.

krazykombatant3019d ago

Waaaahhhhhhh, game is fine. Learn to use cover.

Somebody3019d ago

It's a bit of a stretch calling the game broken after the patch.It's still playable with the little annoyances.

Broken? No.

Although I do agree about the defenseless tanks and useless IR missles.

berndogskate3019d ago

freezes all the time, never happened before the patch...........useless

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