Sharp promises to bring its 108-inch LCD to market in '08

Ben Drawbaugh from

Although it's been a year since we first laid our eye on Sharp's 108-inch LCD, the super-sized HD set failed to hit the market; but during Sharp's CES press event today they promised to make it available for sale in '08. The obvious question of course is, when, and how much? We don't know about you, but we don't have to wait for the official pricing to know it'll be out of our budget.

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Salvadore4562d ago

Huge pricetag + Ownage electrical bill = Welcome to Debtland.

actionjackson4562d ago

Also, what size room does someone have to have to watch this thing without getting dizzy?

Darkiewonder4562d ago

Thanks for that.

I should have held off and told my dad about this. it's okay. I mean we paid 3k for our 73" HDTV ;3

I expect this be no less than $5k

resistance1004562d ago

Who has the space and big enough room for that thing !!!!!

f7ss14562d ago

hopefully hdtv's wont get bigger and bigger at the same pace of computer technology getting faster and faster, 108 inches is waaayy to big

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The story is too old to be commented.