Feature: Modder Transforms Old N64 into Functional Portable System (Video) writes:

Love playing N64 games on-the-go, but hate dealing with emulators on your laptop/PSP/etc.? This modder has just the solution: build a custom case, get an LCD screen off eBay, and stuff the internals of an old N64 along with a controller into it.

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THESWAT4034d ago

nintendo sucks man, they need to grow up

ambientFLIER4034d ago

You suck. You need to grow up. I could write a whole paragraph on how N64 was the first one to implement many features and genres that are commonplace today, but hey, I won't waste time trying to educate a retard like you. Instead, I'll take you bubbles and report you.

ambientFLIER4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

There is a much better looking one out there. It's also white, and looks like a slightly larger Gameboy Advance, the non-folding one. It also has tv-out, the expansion pack, and is fully 4 player capable, which of course would be impossible on a 7-inch screen, without hooking it up to the tv. However, this one is cool too. Portable smash brothers, turok 2 and perfect dark are awesome. Basically better graphics than a Nintendo DS, with a do-it-yourself touch.

The ironic thing is that most of them use the PS1 portable screen.

TheMART4034d ago

I have a Nintendo Emulator on my PSP, which is a lot smaller :P