1UP Reviews Call of Duty 4 for the DS

"The thought of playing Call of Duty on a Nintendo DS brings to mind something akin to watching the Transformers movie on that little screen in the back of the headrest in an airplane's economy class while listening on those crummy headphones. For a series best known for delivering a home theater-like sensory-immersing cinematic experience, even attempting a handheld port -- on the DS no less -- sounds like sheer folly. Apparently no one told developer n-Space, because not only did they attempt the unthinkable, within your first few minutes with Call of Duty 4 on the DS you know they pulled it off," writes 1UP.

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Rice4030d ago

Very, i would expect a 6 for this game... Well done

RecSpec4030d ago

A good choice if you need to play a shooter on the DS

heyheyhey4030d ago

holy sh!t- well done n-space, i wanna play it now cause i am very curious- unfortunately i dont get horny over a touch-screen and that is why i dont have a ds- but my friend has one and he probably bought it so i will check it out

mintaro4030d ago

wow, very nice score, kudos to the devs

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