Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Lets You Type Away On Your PC or PlayStation 3

Sure, it might look like a portable electronic translator or text-messaging device, but Logitech's Di Novo Mini, shown yesterday at the CES Unveiled preview in Las Vegas, is a much simpler affair. Designed as a miniature portable keyboard to type text into Web browsers, text message boxes, and video game chat bubbles, the Di Novo Mini connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled computers, smart phones, and even gaming consoles like the PlayStation 3. The D-Pad lets you maneuver around the Tivo-like interface of Windows Media Center, too.

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Bladestar4562d ago

but can you type while holding your game controller? Prety nice for non gamming related stuff.

LightningPS34562d ago

that's reserved only for XBOX 360. You know that controller with a keyboard under it.

Kleptic4562d ago

that chat pad thing?...that isn't "reserved" for the xbox 360...its just that MS makes the accessory...

Mad Catz or some shat company makes a near identical pad for the sixaxis...its not a bad idea I guess, its just that the quality of the one that is available is lacking...

I will stick with my full size logi BT keyboard for great with UT3...

LightningPS34562d ago

could really make use that for the PS3, because the PS3 has an internet browser also.

ROFLatYoFace4562d ago

plugs into the sixaxis, and it has a full keypad on it.

Salvadore4562d ago

I'd like to see a mini USB keyboard peripheral similar to the one for the 360.

kalistyles4562d ago

Nice concept for PS3. Better than a large keyboard taking up space. Anyway Bladestar its not like your going to be playing and typing at the same time. So what does it matter if you can type while holding your game controller.

Bladestar4562d ago

actually that's where you are wrong... as more and more MMO start being released.. and you are using your controller and someone send you a message... and you have to drop your controller and grab a keyboard to response... also.. other games which werent possible are now possible with the xbox 360 kind of chatpad... they can even make commands base games... you make it sounds as if it's bad to have the controller and the keyboard both in your hands...

Darkiewonder4562d ago

2008 is pulling out some hot stuff!

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The story is too old to be commented.