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The world spins, our skin grows saggy, our hair turns grey and then one day we wake up and the face of gaming has changed beyond recognition. Barely able to distinguish between films and games, having to worry about our moral decisions for fear of repercussions, controlling our avatars with every limb of our body - this is not the future, it's today and it is scary.

New development house Almost Human may have heard our harrowing plea. The world they have created in The Legend of Grimrock is tiled, statistical and harks back to simpler and, dare I say, nerdier times.

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Anon19742484d ago

I can't wait to give this game a spin. Used to love the old, Eye of the Beholder games. I jumped on the preorder for this a couple of weeks ago when it became available. I don't even use my PC for gaming as I'm on it 8 hours a day for work, but for this I'll make an exception.