Lost Odyssey Preview - A typical JRGP

At Geekpulp, they are not exactly kind to JRPGs. The unlikable stereotype of the aloof androgenous male lead is only the tip of the iceberg, which keeps the random battles, idiotic line formations and turn based attack-and-return combat situations barely hidden beneath its frigid waters.

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chrno64564d ago

If the site is anti-jrpg, then they shouldn't even preview it. I hate it when they stereptype jrpg as turn based borefest, when in fact turn based jrpg can be really fun.
While LO looks nothing special, this anti-jrpg site shoudn't preview or review jrpg at all.

bootsielon4564d ago

This is why JRPGs will remain on PS3. Moronic fanboys of 360 don't even like them.

Brianemone4564d ago

Because a game does not fall into the previewers preference it should be previewed/reviewed?

MK_Red4564d ago

I'll still give this one another chance. I'm not a JRPG fan (Classic PC RPGs FTW!) but this is a mature JRPG from father of FF and I kinda like the characters and story as far as it's revealed.

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