Rumor Smashed: Target NOT Going Totally Blu-ray Exclusive


Fire out of the Philips press conference was that Target was going Blu-ray exclusive, a rumor that had already made the rounds before and was debunked. We just talked to the Blu-ray guys and to Philips-it's actually the same news as before. Target is still selling HD DVD discs and the Xbox 360's HD DVD player. God, it would've been the last thing HD DVD needed.

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LightningPS34028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Stop confusing constumers please. I think next year sales could get one sided enough for stores to put an end to HD DVD for good.

TANOD4028d ago

it is just a matter of week/s before they pull the plug completely off HD DVD

BrianC62344028d ago

I just talked to Target and they are going all Blu-ray. Rumor back on.

unlimited4028d ago

dont matter the war is still over..everyone knows it..

Antiomo4028d ago

So silent without them :)

Time to see what they troll next about the ps3..

TANOD4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

For the first time SONY won a major format war against not just a rival TECH JAPANESE GIANT but MS as well

@the person below

There are over 300 000 hD DVD add-on owners of X360.

the only HD DVD players sold besides TOSHIBA's standalone HD DVD players were the HD DVD add-ons for x360.

tatotiburon4028d ago

since when Microsoft is a format company??

mistertwoturbo4028d ago

300,000 HD-DVD add-on's for the 360.

9 Million Blu Ray Players for the PS3. Plus any standalone players out there. So meh.

pwnsause4028d ago

the domino effect is going to happen sooner or later, BTW, look at amazon sales

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The story is too old to be commented.