Why free-to-play is great

Tom Robinson of MMGN: Ultimately, I’m still amazed at free-to-play titles and what they’ve achieved in the eyes of bigger fish. I love playing games with people, games that I wouldn’t originally try due to price I can simply install and play around, mingling with other like-minded individuals who want to log in, have some fun and log back out, no obligation due to them only having 3 days of game-time left or not being able to afford game time at all. Free-to-play is going to just get bigger and bigger as time goes by, and I plan to stick around and ride the wave.

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sonicsidewinder2390d ago

To me, free to play was never 'great'. I felt it was an afront to dedicated subscription paying gamer.

When it happened with LOTRO the changes seemed to really effect the 'spirit' of the game. It felt trivialised.

However, I started playing Tribes:Ascend the other day. It's one of the best fps's i've played in a long time. Battlefield 3 just didn't keep me. In all honesty, it was pretty but made me feel nothing but apathy.

Tribes is an actual GOOD free to play game. It just feels right. And I'm sure most of the new up-and-coming free-to-play games e.g. Mechwarrior are gonna be similar.

Time for change and all that.

Kahvipannu2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yeah, it depents how they excecute the ftp-model. Tought in the case of LOTRO, I'm pretty sure the game would be dead now without going to ftp, and for example Conan is still alive bocuse the new model.

Tribes is amazing, such a fun old-school fast skill based PC-fps, and the devs have made most changes that player have requested during this beta, kudos to them. Also it's not "pay to win", it's pretty greatly designed, tought the pricing is a bit off..

Other great ftp are for example World of Tanks (amazing), Vindictus is great group based hack'n slash, with great controls and combat, APB is now pretty damn good too now that it is redone as ftp, new Mech-Warrior-online looks amazing (finally), and is also free to play, etc.. So many great games to play with the price that fits you.

At some point ftp ment the games were, well, what they were, but in present day, many ftp's are very high in production value, and are not joke anymore.

I play currently Vindictus and APB a lot, I have spent some money on both, after dozens of hours spent in them I tought it's right thing to do. It's great that you can play the game, and decide yourself the value of it, if it is any value to you.

TopDudeMan2390d ago

Because the best things in life are free.