Penny Arcade Lets EA's Charity Slide But Not Retake Mass Effect 3

Gaming Blend "EA had previously used Child's Play as part of a charity drive with the DLC campaign for Battlefield Heroes, but no one said nary a thing about it. Yet gamers use the charity to bring awareness to BioWare/EA and it gets shutdown for that very reason. A little hypocritical, no?

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Seraphim2389d ago

Waaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaah. think it's pretty simple & the article itself explains why they don't want causes bringing people to support Child's Play. I have no problem with their stance & I've supported Child's Play for probably 5+ years now.

ziggurcat2389d ago


what the author fails to understand is that EA was using that DLC to *raise money for the charity*. RME wasn't about helping sick kids, it was about trying to get bioware to change an ending to a video game after throwing some sort of 3-year old temper tantrum.

i really hate whiny gamers and their complete disregard for common sense and logic.

vortis2389d ago

LOL, dude do you have any idea how ridiculous it sounds that you just defended why it was okay for EA to profit from DLC to promote a charity and why it wasn't okay for a group to donate to charity to raise awareness?

So let me get this straight:

Company profits from DLC donating to charity = good
Gamers working together to donat to charity to raise awareness = bad

Mmmkay, least we know that EA viral marketing thing wasn't lying.

ziggurcat2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

do you know how ridiculous it sounds that you failed to understand that the DLC content was intended to be purchased to actually help sick kids, not line EA's pockets?

i'll spell it out for you:

company creates special DLC content, uses a portion of the proceeds to help sick children and then matches the total amount of money raised, which effectually *doubled* the amount of money that the charity received = good

whiny brats coming together to "donate" money in a self-serving attempt to try and alter a game's ending = incredibly selfish

are you really that ignorant or just blinded by misguided nerd rage?

vortis2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Let me spell this out for you real...real...real slowly.

EA profited from DLC made under the guise of charity.

A public group raised $80,000 for the intent of raising awareness. THERE WAS NO PROFIT.

Are you really that dense?

If you can't see how plainly hypocritical that is then EA has paid you off well to be so blindly biased.

jeeves862388d ago

I like how everything is a conspiracy. Anyone who doesn't agree with you or the article is automatically stupid or paid off.

Like sjaakiejj said, EA didn't even have CP's permission to run the promotion as it would have gone against CPs policy. There was a huge media circus around RME and obviously CP knew about it and decided to shut it down because it went against their policy.

"The real concern on our end was the slippery slope that attaching causes to fundraising for Child’s Play can create. While RME had the best of intentions and was overwhelmingly generous, it shed light on an issue that we needed to address. It pointed out a dangerous precedent for others to use the charity for agendas we clearly do not support."

jeeves862389d ago

I'm pretty sure that they pulled the plug on retake Mass Effect because people were confused about where the money was actually going. They were emailing asking how much money was needed to change the ending and how much money had been raised. When a lot of people found out that the money wasn't going to directly pay for a new ending to the game, they requested a refund.

PayPal saw a large number of people requesting refunds and cut off support for it. PA said enough. That the charity should be the cause of a fundraiser, not the method for something else.

vortis2389d ago

Child's Play organizer Jamie Dillion explicitly said THAT WAS NOT THE CASE.

The people confused/asking for refunds were a small minority. They admitted that wasn't the reason it was shutdown and it's even stated as such in the article.

sjaakiejj2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

EA slipped because Child's Play didn't know of the promotion at the time, not because of some double standard.