Horror-bly Off Track: How Resident Evil Stopped Being Scary

Matt Randisi writes, "But regardless of the amount of buzz Resident Evil 6 has got going for it, there has been one key issue that has left many gamers hesitant to embrace Capcom’s latest installment of their survival horror dynamo as they once did. And that issue is related to that very designation: 'survival horror dynamo'."

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zacmutts2386d ago

hesitant to embrace Capcom’s latest installment of their survival horror dynamo as they once did

LivingTribunal2386d ago

It's simple. It's now a third person shooter. What happened to the static/fixed cameras the old games used to have?

Stopped playing these games after Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

xPhearR3dx2386d ago

Games don't need static/fixed cameras to be scary. That's just holding on to the past. If the developers do it right, they can provide innovation while still keeping the core gameplay the same. Without innovation, games don't evolve.

Scissorman822385d ago

I completely agree. Look at the prototype for RE4 for example, the vision for that title was based in fear. But that wasn't good enough, I guess.

The problem is that Capcom has turned their RE protagonists into action stars. The gameplay has always been a complete blast but the atmosphere has been dead for years.

Enigma_20992385d ago

You want the game to be scary? Or good?

badz1492385d ago

seems like Crapcom has lost its touch on the horror genre and they admittedly saying that they won't embrace it more due to the small market!

izumo_lee2385d ago

I blame the admiration for shooters this gen to be the cause for the change in direction for Resident Evil. We have games like COD, Gears, Uncharted sell bucket loads & Capcom being Capcom will no doubt want a piece of that pie.

Also i blame the lack of 'balls' by Capcom to stay the course with the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil was so successful cause of the tension & sense of fear, that is why we played them to experience that fear. The suspense you get when you have 1 bullet in your gun & around the corner were 5 zombies waiting to eat your flesh. That was exhilarating.

Now it is all about shooting your way through & that is simply not Resident Evil.

AngryOcelots2385d ago

Yessir, you got it down. I too miss that tense and exhilarating feeling.

Revolver_X_2385d ago

Im sorry, but if there was any point in any RE game where you only had 1 bullet left then you were and are a sucky gamer. Your creating a sense of false fear due to your skill level. Playing RE4 or RE5 on Vet or Pro offers the same situation. Ppls woes over RE are skewed. RE has evolved. With RE6 it has been like 8 years since Raccoon City. Why in the hell would Leon or Chris be "scared"? They've become adept to these situations. I saw Chris in RE5 as a veteran who kept his cool to keep them alive. The only thing RE needs imo is more exploration. RE 5 and RE4 are too narrow. I'd rather RE6 not break down into chapters, but it will. Chapters kill any chance for exploration and backtracking.