Rockstar’s Innovations Should Make Them a Role Model for all Game Developers

Adorkably's Travis Conklin writes:

"When I was younger, and Grand Theft Auto was considered cool because you could go and kill anyone you wanted, I honestly was turned away by the apparent lack of story and interest that people who played the game portrayed. Now, since I am now old enough to buy and appreciate their games, Rockstar has come to be one of my favorite game developers of this generation. It’s not due to the context of their games, it is due to how they approach the development and create new methods and ideas in order to further the creation and enjoyment of the medium."

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Ghost2502388d ago

they are exactly what a role model is. they make these huge blockbuster titles enriched with so many hours worth content, they don't rush their projects, they actually care about their fans and listen to them and a rarity they actually know how to do DLC RIGHT!! (yea fuck you crapcom)

MastaMold2388d ago

I think Naughty Dog should be the role models all they do are great games for me GTA 4 was ok i still think till this day that GTA San Andreas is best GTA game so far and Red Dead Redemption is great also but this gen with UNCHARTED Naughty Dog blow my mind and i'm sure with many other gamers my opinion

TekoIie2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

so GTA4 is better than GTA:SA? No they dont listen to their fans as much as people like to believe.

They make brilliant games but they take away features which would have gotten them GOTY. Although i do agree with them being one of the best devs this gen. Non of their games have been mediocre and as you said they know how to do DLC right. Especially when the DLC for gta4 could have been sold as its own game (which it sort of was).

F7U122387d ago

nice PR piece Rockstar, how much it cost you?

Indigo1232388d ago

They are not a roll model, If anything, they are whats wrong and what is continually wrong with the industry

They make 1 game every 3 years (usually the same as the last), same visual style, same gameplay milk dlc with not only dlc packs but with goty editions

and they are also inclined to make vaporware ( agent)

yezz2388d ago

dude wtf? have you even played rockstars games..

goty editions? they are not milking, they are usually for the people who havent played the game and it has about all the dlc in it, like fallout 3 goty edition AND it doesnt even cost full price when it comes out so i think its a pretty good deal!!

Activision and EA are the problem... they want to launch games so quickly to get money that there is no time to make them much better!

GoldenAge2388d ago

I disagree, they make one game every three years but when you look at it compared to other open world games they have less bugs than most and that in itself is a feat for the genre. So three years for a technically sound game is pretty great.

As far as gameplay goes yes it's the same as the last but that's because they're holding on to a proven formula and are focusing on two things, the world and a good narrative. Visual style similarities are there because they make their games with an approach in creating a "human" world if you will as opposed to constantly changing it to make it more different for the sake of being different.

It's not milking if they release a GotY version with all the DLC, milking is taking an IP and subjecting it to either placing it in genre's it doesn't make sense to be in or yearly releasing something with the same overall quality (and by overall I mean the world included). Take a look at GTAIV they had two DLC's that is not milking at all, and how long did it take for the GotY edition to come out? It was just a case of getting enough GotY nods that they were green lit to release a version with all the DLC to persuade those who still haven't those who waited for price drops.

You want milking you look at Call of Duty. Same game each year as opposed to say the difference between San Andreas and GTAIV being style of progress, it's different because one has now been grounded more realistically and when RDR came out it kept the realism but gave us new more primitive tools to play with as well as things on the side like hunting. Cod games gives you the same style of play again and again. And when R* made their GTAIV DLC it's longer it doesn't feel like a ripoff because it adds to either narrative or gameplay. CoD sells you maps.

Vaporware is irrelevant, they create concepts just like any other studios and just because it was announced and still isn't around doesn't mean they are the only ones big in the industry that don't have their fair share of vaporware, it's just that we "know" about it.

christoph2032388d ago

Good narative? I cant remember anything meaninfull in any gta game, i remember shooting people and stealing cars..

GoldenAge2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Then it's pretty obvious you played it for the genre.

Which is what I mentioned in their gameplay being a proven formula, so there wasn't any major changes needed. Those that wanted a narrative had it, those that just wanted to play around the world also had that option.

I mean I didn't like the direction of going more realistic but for what R* was going for (realism) I can't deny that they did a good job with it.


@ christoph203

compared to most other games, they have amazing narative. The thing about games like GTA though is that you can quite easily play through and spend all your time doing silly stuff and miss the story and dialog that goes on.

I love GTA for it's stories and characters. They all fit into the world perfectly and a lot of them are very memorable. I mean guys like little Jacob for example. I never laughed so hard when I first heard him and listed to some of the stuff he said. A lot of my friends who are also from Jamica were in stiches over him. it was so authentic. They know how to make characters fun and interesting without making it all seem forced if you know what I mean.

they know when to throw in jokes, they know when to tell the story and when to drop in some action or some crazy mission to do.

RDR followed the same formula and it worked even with it's western theme.

TekoIie2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

All their games tend to be the same genre "sandbox" but i completely disagree with you saying they're milking. Milking is essentially what COD is doing. Annual releases, with DLC which is overpriced considering your gonna get less than a year out of it.

Also they give a VERY good price for their DLC (BOGT and TLAD) and how the DLC was actually linked to the main "story" was brilliant.

Perjoss2388d ago

You forgot the part where their DLC is longer (and better) then most full games.

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modesign2388d ago

when rockstar makes a GTA game outside of NYC, LA, Miami then they can be innovative.

TekoIie2388d ago

I see what you did there ;)

christoph2032388d ago

Rockstar make the same games over and over with better graphics based on teenage violance, yeah some role model they are.

Who ever wrote this dosnt understand the concept of meaninfull games yet..

christoph2032388d ago

Truth is rockstar are the worst influence on the games industry, they encouarge pointless narative, mindless violence, car stealing..

TekoIie2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Encourage? didnt see that on their label. Theres a difference between playing a game and then incorporating that into real life and then proving that the game "made" you do these things.

I will be playing Gears 3 today so i guess im gonna go buy a chainsaw and try and attack an albino who works as a miner right??? Maybe i'll play BF3 and apply for a job in the army and put on my CV i have a K/D of 2.6 and a W/L of 3.4 therefore im the sort of person who they want to employ right???

That logic doesn't quite work with video games...

GoldenAge2388d ago

I know right, people like to toss around that these games are influential and that they encourage this things. But these games are rated M 17+.

If we take out the 17+ we get M as in Mature, as in Mature enough to understand the difference between reality and fiction, mature enough to not be influenced by exaggerations (movies, games, even music are basically just exaggerations for the most part).

People blame videogames first than the people who bought this game. Surely parents who've raised their children right are mature enough. I mean I played GTAIII when I was 12 and I haven't even felt this "encouragement" to do crimes.

christoph2032387d ago

did i say anything about real life? or was i talking about the games industry being encouraged.. hmmm gee, check before you jump into one of those "games are innocent" bullshit essays.

christoph2032387d ago

anyway, rockstar are a un-inventive developer i think they were inventive in the start of the ps2 era when they created the 3d world for the first time in GTA, but since then what game have they done that has challanged or improved upon that formula?
rockstar games are based on mechanics.. like alot of games these days.. i dont see rockstar as the revolutionary company they once were and probably never will be again abit like square enix.

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