Is Duke Nukem Coming to Borderlands 2?

Gamers Xtreme (Glacier928): "During an interview with Randy Varnell, Design Producer over at Gearbox Software, I asked him a question about a specific character possibly coming to Borderlands 2. Seeing as how 2K Games and Gearbox Software were involved with finishing up Duke Nukem Forever and acquiring the license, I figured it was logical to ask if Duke Nukem would appear as a possible special playable character."

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Snookies122480d ago

I would love that personally... I thought Duke Nukem Forever was fun actually. It wasn't up to par with today's game standards (most of which I don't even find all that great). Though it made me laugh and have a good time. That's all a game is meant to do. I don't know when developers started focusing more on attention to detail rather than enjoyment. (That's some developers, I have played some games this Gen that were amazing, but it's severely lacking when compared to PS2 days and even N64/PS1.)

PopRocks3592480d ago

Good to see I'm not the only one who actually found some enjoyment from DNF. If they bring him to Bordelands 2, then power to them. Hope they get John St. John to do the voice if he talks.

GamersXTREME2480d ago

Very well said Snookies12. You get a bubble up for that comment.

Argus92480d ago

Nice points Snookies!

I should go.

Enigma_20992480d ago

Make this happen. And do Duke Nukem Forever 2 while you're at it.