Six Years Ago, I Decided to Hate World of Warcraft. Can Mists of Pandaria Change My Mind?

Kotaku - World of Warcraft and I never did really get along. Since its launch in 2004, I've lost track of the number of friends of mine who loved it. They'd tell me breathlessly about their druids, priests, and hunters while extolling the benefits of the Alliance or the Horde. After ages of politely declining to join them, they've all moved on and given up on ever convincing me. Yet after all these years, the time may finally have come for me to re-evaluate WoW. Starting with pandas.

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Snookies122391d ago

I stopped playing after Cataclysm came out. Got to 85 that night, and I really started to take notice... People on there are assholes. I can't count the number of groups I'd get stuck with in Raids/Instances, where I just wasn't good enough for them. My guy was perfectly geared and I knew what I was doing, but it just got taxing after a while of dealing with group after group of guys who are obviously "Better than everyone else".

Still have 16,000 gold on my guy... I wanna just get on there one more time to randomly give someone that money haha!

ATi_Elite2391d ago

I decided to hate World of Warcraft 8 years ago while being water boarded in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan!

So No Way Mist of Wet Panda Farts will change my mine!


Ramas2391d ago

6 years ago? a bit to early, if you would decided that about 3-4 years ago it would be normal.