Did These Horrible Deeds Clinch EA’s Spot as America’s Worst Company?

Kotaku - Game publisher Electronic Arts took home the grand prize in The Consumerist's Worst Company in America contest, and they don't seem pleased about it.

But do they deserve the gold star? How do they stack up next to the other finalists? Let's go through the four companies that made it to the Final Four and run down some of the misdeeds that likely brought them there.

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vortis2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I find it funny that IGN has not been tackling anything negative about EA as vigilant as the smaller sites. I wonder why that is? Do you think it has anything whatsoever to do with the fact that one of their employees was in one of the biggest RPGs of the year?

That's not to mention that the two biggest gaming websites on the net have turned into one big joke of an advertising blob.

I hope this EA as America's worst stays in the news for a while. Good job Kotaku for throwing more gas on the barbie!

EDIT: I take that back....after going through the article Kotaku seems to be downplaying EA's endeavors. Ugh. They didn't even bring up the class action lawsuits from employee families or how they've been buying up smaller studios, gutting them and putting more people in the unemployment line. More fail journalism.