Bill Gates: The CES years writes:

"At 6:30pm PST today Bill Gates will walk onto the stage at CES 2008 and deliver his final keynote address as chairman of Microsoft. We look back at how it all began, the highs and lows, and try to figure out what the future will bring."

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power of Green 4034d ago

Can't wait maybe this site will return to normal; the Warner Brother Deal and the Nervous fanboys due to this speech... not to mention the web sites and bloggers trying to get hits with the Bluray= doom for the 360 has been getting out of hand.

gamesR4fun4034d ago

Bill Gates saves the xbox?
could b if anyone can....
pog share a good direct link to the event with us if you have one pretty interested in seeing if Im right about them getting into handhelds and dropping the price on the 360 hd add on..

IGNFTW4033d ago


gEnKiE4033d ago

Mabye he will announce his obsession for men....who knows?