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"Xenoblade Chronicles is the game that everyone has been longing for here in the United States. Following its release in European territories, a lot of Wii owners who love Japanese RPGs were enraged after finding out that Nintendo of America had no plans to bring the title overseas. Almost a year after the fan outrage and countless requests, Nintendo of America had a change of heart and finally decided to bring over, what everyone considered in Europe, the best RPG game to date." - JPS

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Relientk772389d ago

Cant wait, I already have it preordered

Indigo1232389d ago

This is a bad review for alot of reasons

1) If you cant not use the word jropg every 2 minutes, it means you just plain dont know what to say

“Xenoblade Chronicles is the JRPG game that fans of the genre should buy no matter what. Since this generation lacks outstanding JRPG games, ”

Did you play

devil survivor 2?
suikoden psp?
tales of graces f?
shining blade?

that was just in the last 3 months//////////////////////

Theres been amazing jrpgs every freaking month

“In Xenoblade Chronicles, a new type of battle system will be introduced ”

this is my problem with idiot reviewers who dont know history that battle system is NOT NEW