Interstellar Marines gets a new, drooling tech trailer for Deadlock 0.3.5

DSOGaming writes: "Man, it’s been a while since we last checked on Zero Point Software’s indie FPS title, Interstellar Marines. Zero Point Software is a small independent game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Interstellar Marines is their most ambitious project. The game is powered by the Unity Engine and as you can see in the following tech video, it does look gorgeous."

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sprinterboy2386d ago

Yet another awesome trailer, shame zero point software have not released anything at retail, looks like they need some more community support, off topic shame project offset got cancelled, thx Intel, these devs need our support.

DeadlyFire2386d ago

Someone should point them to kickstarter. 3 out of 3 projects done on there all got their funding. Well 2, but I am pretty sure Shadowrun 2 is almost there and that makes 3.

Well a few Project Offset guys opened up Adhesive Games and are working on Hawken. There is also Frativ I believe. I hope to see a Project Offset revival or at least a title with the same concepts to it.

I hope Interstellar Marines gets a boxed release. So far they have 3 more slices to be revealed before they release. Interstellar Marines: First Contact. Which I assume is the full game.

sprinterboy2386d ago are working on the gunsmith looks good