Kinect Star Wars: A Delivery Mechanism for Awesome

There is a fairly proud tradition of games publications reviewing minor games, often those aimed at an audience outside their core readership (Pony Friendship Academy, Harry Potter Wandmaking School and the like), and giving them a taste of the shoe leather, ultimately competing to see who can deliver the most devastating witticisms. In general, this is good clean fun, and highlights an important point – that games designed for younger audiences should not talk down to them or their expectations of gaming. In this, as in so many things, Double Fine stand out - Costume Quest refuses to talk down to its audience, offering sawn-off but wholly recognisable gaming experiences.

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moparful992389d ago

Seriously? This guy is all giddy over a lame dancing mini game in a terrible game? WOW

MoFo11112389d ago

Different strokes for different folks

Shadonic2389d ago

most people i see with your pic are so mello and i love it. there needs to be more gamers like you.

Bimkoblerutso2389d ago

Hmmm, ok. As long as we're all trying to be different for the sake of being different here, Jar Jar was the greatest addition to the Star Wars universe since the Ewoks, and my favorite scene from the prequels would have to be when C-3PO got his head switched with a battle droid. Just all around good stuff. Don't you DARE stop going crazy, Lucas.

kma2k2389d ago

I have actually gotten some use out of my Move controller with Kinect star thats not a misprint. Using the ps move controller actually made the game more fun since it felt like i had something in my hand. lol I was cracking up thinking about it but its true for any multi system gamers give it a try it makes swinging the lightsaber actually bareable. Ill probably finish the campaing tonight then send it back to gamefly. For the love of god though i would never ever suggest anyone actually buy the game!

Tai_Kaliso2389d ago

LMAO, I thought I was the only one who used a Move controller for a Lightsaber hilt.

I am enjoying the game as well, skip the dancing stuff if you want to, its just a side part of the game and there are 4 other modes with stories to enjoy.

I kind of get tired of hearing people that don't own Kienct or Kinect Star Wars complaining about it like they know whats up.

Perjoss2389d ago

Funny to hear core gamers cry about this title, well duh it wasn't aimed at you.

TheRealHeisenberg2389d ago

Exactly. Not surprising though. A lot of gamers are whiners these days. Look at me whining about the whiners.

Boody-Bandit2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I think the reason some are still so frustrated with MS and their use of Kinect goes back to MS's debut of Natal at E3 2009 (if my memory isn't failing me) and then their misleading hype of how this device would work with mainstream / core games.

Fast forward to E3 2010 and we were served the reality of what Kinect (code name Natal) was actually capable of (Skittles n Dance games) being implemented into casual games.

I'm not frustrated with MS because I knew the reality of Natal/Kinect before it debut at E3 09. There was no way a camera was going to be accurate enough for 1 to 1 control which is what it takes for core gaming.

The only people that thought other wise or believed in MS's hype and PR were only fooling themselves.

Biggest2389d ago

Perjoss was one of the "Kinect is for the core!" trumpeters. He, among others, was quick to point out the slew of core games on the way for Kinect. Star Wars was one of the "Just wait! It's going to be so awesome and CORE!!!" games that Perjoss (among others) told us about. The goalposts have been moved yet again for the Kinect. I wonder if the Panzer Dragoon thing and Steel Battalion thing will need their goalposts moved? KINECT IS FOR THE CORE!!!

neutralgamer192389d ago

Smoke and mirrors is MS game thats why people are upset. Are some of you guys kidding me? Dont tout something as the next coming of christ and this ultra futuristic accessory when its bs and the tech isnt doing anything better than the competition. Its a shame that tacked on move controls as many of you like to call them create a better motion gaming experience than dedicated games. [email protected] killzone 3 with move controls is better than any dedicated motion control game built from the ground up on Kinect that is a shame.

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