XSEED responds to complaints regarding Way of the Samurai 4 PSN-only release

XSEED Games responds to complaints regarding the PSN-only release of the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Way of the Samurai 4, in North America.

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NYC_Gamer2484d ago

They can't afford to do a retail release its either digital or nothing.....

jc485732484d ago

yea, it kinda sucks. Oh well, I guess I will import this from Europe for the first time. My bro is a fan of the series, so I gotta get him something physical.

deadfrag2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

The problem is that neither of XSEED supporters in distribution wants to pick this game and released physically in NA!And they cant do this alone withouth damaging there reputation with the other company's that support them in the distribution logistic business.XSEED alone haves the money to do it but there are already sign arrangements that will be broken if they do the distribution buy them selfs,and will damage future business.

Da One2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

It's not that they can't afford to...They're certain arrangements that prevent it...and if you knew some of the hoops that Sony/MS has made some developers jump through(especially niche ones) you'd understand.

sarshelyam2484d ago

I don't know what that bloggers problem is. Tom did an excellent job answering the questions well within his power, always maintaining a reasonable tone.

Magic_Spatula2484d ago

I rather have it digital than not have it released in the US at all. Need more games that aren't shooters IMO.

Laxman2484d ago

There are more games releases that arent shooters, than ones that are.