Gamespot: Now Playing: Kinect Star Wars

GS:Caro and Ryan flail and dance around in Kinect Star Wars!

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NYC_Gamer2390d ago

Its a shame they have to pretend to be happy playing that piece of trash

Gandalf2390d ago

It looks like they're happy, but they're dying inside.

StrongMan2390d ago

Someone is forcing them to act like they enjoy playing this trash.

2390d ago
bahabeast2390d ago

just like the commercial p.o.s

DigitalRaptor2390d ago

The future of gaming right here people!... lol

Those poor GameSpot guys having to force some sort of sense of excitement whilst playing this. Oh god, what an embarrassment. And the dancing... urrrrgh *cringe*. Hey, at least they didn't have to pay for it, and are getting paid to do it.

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