Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues Preview by GameTap; 'Conversations' Video

Imagine for a moment that three well-known missing people, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindberg, and Dan "D.B." Cooper, have not only been located, but they are alive and well, sunning themselves on Easter Island, bathing in the fountain of youth… and they're talking babies. Now imagine that Abe Lincoln's head is there and has a crush on a talking Easter Island stone statue.

Still here?

Welcome back from vacation -- and to Sam & Max Moai Better Blues, the happy place of talking detective dogs, rabbity things, and the second episode of the second season. After the furry duo saved Christmas in the second season debut, it has returned home, but only to find a "mysterious cabal of triangles" chasing the friendly NPC Cybil around their normally safe neighborhood. What do flying triangles have to do with anything?

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