Who is, "The Gamer?"

Siting across the table from a group of newly-acquainted men and women the other day I found myself once again stuttering and stumbling over my well-rehearsed defense as to why I (a women in her twenties) play, work for, and write about video games.

“But, those things are for kids, right?”

“Yeah, and don’t women normally not play video games?”

(this is usually where I stifle the awkward, high pitched nervous laughter that’s rising in my throat with whatever alcoholic beverage is within my vicinity, then proceed to my rehearsed response).

“No, actually, more than 60% of games these days are rated mature -meaning for adults- and nearly half of all gamers are wom-“

“Oh, that’s cute- you call yourself gamers? I like that! I like games! Am I a gamer? I used to loooove Snake…”

Commence loud circus music and automatic shut down; urging myself to just get through this so I could get home and play some Dungeon Siege III, and asking myself where I could get Snake for my phone (I miss that game).

It can be difficult to explain to “non-gamers” why what they are led to believe about video games, the industry, and gamers is rarely the reality.

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catch2386d ago

This was a great read I really enjoyed it. I hope many of these stereotypes dissolve over the coming years especially in regards to women gamers. The "get back in the kitchen" jokes are offensive at best and even worse act as a means of dissuading a lot of great people from taking part in, and adding to, what should be a fun and welcoming community.

vortis2386d ago

The major problem with perception is how information is conceived.

While there are almost more female gamers than male gamers, what the stats don't always put into context is that this is for casual gaming. As we all know, casual gaming trumps core gaming in massive bills.

I'm not saying there aren't female core gamers, just that casual gaming has always been the bigger piece of the gaming pie, and women make up for a majority of that pie.