Resistance Trilogy Platinum bundle coming to Playstation 3

An online retailer has revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment will be releasing a bundle called Resistance Trilogy Platinum for the Playstation 3.

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Neo Nugget2414d ago

Ironically, Resistance 1 probably still won't have a platinum trophy.

BiggCMan2414d ago

Hahaha, probably not. I think this is great though for anyone who hasn't started the series yet.

GribbleGrunger2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

with the RAC HD collection and now this, i reckon Sony are trying to help Insomniac out here. clearly they went multiplatform because the RAC series didn't take off as expected and Sony are keen on keeping them as partners ... it makes sense

BiggCMan2414d ago

RAC meaning Ratchet and Clank?? AN HD COLLECTION WAS ANNOUNCED??

vickers5002414d ago

Yep. Get with the times old man :)

Persistantthug2414d ago

I could be wrong, but I doubt Insomniac is even putting this trilogy out.

Insomniac's busy making multiplatform games now.

GribbleGrunger2414d ago

Insomniac isn't putting the HD collection out, it's Sony. that's why i think Sony are helping them out here. Sony know that the RAC HD collection will be very welcome and that it could spur some interest in other Insomniac games (in this case Resistance games). i believe that Insomniac are finding it hard and Sony are trying to help them out. and help themselves in the long run too, of course

ThatArtGuy2414d ago

Or... they could be releasing them because they have made good games.

kma2k2414d ago

Loved R1, Was not a fan of R2, Thought R3 was a good game. Strange to me though that so many people loved 2 but i did not.

BiggCMan2414d ago

I think 2's story was OK at best, compared to 1 and 3. The competitive multiplayer was pretty good, but 60 players was not needed, it was mainly just a gimmick to try and go along with what they were doing for 2 at the time, which was SCALE. Big bosses in the game, big matches, big etc.. The competitive however, I still get on it a few times a year. It's one of the best I'v ever played, so addicting, so perfectly balanced with every single thing in it.

kreate2414d ago

bring back the 8 player co-op campaigns. those were awesome. the only feature of R2 that was good.

BiggCMan2413d ago

Good lawd! I just realized I made a huge mistake in that comment. I did in fact mean to say that the CO-OP is what I still play every few times a year, which is so addicting, etc...

PLAYER50952414d ago

still need to pik up 3, but will definitely be doin so pretty soon.

iliimaster2414d ago

its a shame they gave up on the series its in my top 3 as far as franchises go to me in my opinion i love R1 ive beat it i dont know how many times hearing those sirens its an amazing game i just wished they added trophies R2 totally went away from the narration part that R1 perfected but still was a good game great boss battles, r3 was FUN its crazy that this game didin't sell and it pisses me off at the same time cause i love me some resistance @!

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The story is too old to be commented.