Disabled people - able-bodied in playing?

Have you ever wondered how disabled people cope with the games and whether they play at all?

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Emilio_Estevez2391d ago

I have a friend who's a paraplegic and he still loves playing games. He really can't do anything past the PS1 era. The 2nd joystick is impossible for him to use due to the limited dexterity of his hands. He uses one of the old arcade style joysticks for his retro-duo(NES/SNES famicon). New games are almost all un-playable for him due to the 2nd joystick.

AceofStaves2391d ago

I've been disabled since birth, and I've been gaming steadily since the Atari 2600 days. I can't use Kinect (or the Wii Balance Board, or any 'full body' peripheral where I have to stand and/or jump, etc.), but I've never had problems using standard controllers.

In fact, I think that using joysticks in my childhood improved my manual dexterity and my hand-eye coordination. Not to mention the social aspects of gaming. Being able to discuss and play games with other kids gave me something in common with them that I didn't have otherwise. Gaming has been very beneficial in my case.