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Destructoid, Jim Sterling- "I am incredibly grateful to Xenoblade Chronicles, for it has rekindled my love for JRPGs, a love that had been systematically throttled by the likes of Square Enix and tri-Ace for the past few years. Not since Lost Odyssey have I been so thoroughly entranced by a Japanese role-player.

As I type this, the beautifully sweeping music from the Bionis' Leg area is washing through my head, accompanied by fond memories of successful chain attacks and expertly crafted gems. There's no denying that Xenoblade has its low points, but those high points are some of the highest of the genre. If you own a Wii, there's very little room to question -- this is a must-have game for Nintendo's humble little system."

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Indigo1232391d ago

Jim your going to get a compliment from me

Great review, seriously, I really did enjoy it, It wasnt the same negative anti japanese rpg dribble Ive been reading lately.But I disagree with your part about tri ace and square

both have produced some really great rpgs this gen on all manner of platform

In terms of the adventure comment, I guess your welcome to that opinion, I can say the same thing about alot of different games and genres, to each his own I guess

For me personally, I havent had enough time to play all the japanese rpgs, there are so many, and so diverse, its hard for me to start without wanting to pick another up

thorstein2387d ago

Watch out! You disagreed. This is destructoid, they will use the power of their N4G accounts and vote you down...

and Jim, the fat pile of dung, Sterling? His entire life amounts to nothing. He is nothing but a fat virgin POS who can't find his wang over his fat belly.

What a doooooooooooooshe!

soundslike2391d ago

The big question is: why is this on wii...

SpoonyRedMage2391d ago

The small answer: because it's made by Nintendo.

wollie2391d ago

If you like JRPGs get this.

its the best one released this gen by far.

Magic_Spatula2391d ago

Two more day, then I can nab me a copy.