Backstage at the Microsoft Briefing

Xbox Live's Major Nelson writes: "As you can tell from the photo, I am set up backstage for tonight's Briefing here at CES in Las Vegas. There is a flurry of activity as everyone is getting prepared for tonight. I have uploaded some photos of the reheasersal to my Flickr site, and as the day progresses I'll snap a few more. Keep an eye on my Twitter during the show as I live blog the event, or watch the entire thing live on"

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heyheyhey4029d ago

oooooh i hope he gets a juicy picture of Bill Gates getting kicked in the face by some angry 360 owner who is on his 95th replacement console

wageslave4029d ago

Your a tool. Get lost fanboy.

heyheyhey4029d ago

wageslave do i have to do the whole pot calling kettle black thing or do you get it anyway?

your as much of a fanboy as i am- we are just on different sides

power of Green 4029d ago

How does one lose 2 bubbles in 20 hours?.


AngryHippo4029d ago you go i will give you bubbles, hope you get all your bubbles back soon.

ry-guy4029d ago

I really really really really hope that Bill Gates has some exclusives to announce for the 360.

Otherwise, I doubt anything he says is going to be so profound or world-shaking that it will make a difference.