10 things I want from Skyrim DLC

There is a ton of things I want from the Skyrim DLC, if only Bethesda would answer me. Oh well, I can dream right? Lets check out the 10 things I want from the Skyrim DLC.

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Emilio_Estevez2390d ago

I like the batboy reference.

Effect21Blog2390d ago

May someone please be the last approve person?

Laxman2390d ago

Hell yeah! An Umbra quest would be awesome, they could really flesh it out and build some mythology around it if they wanted to.

RedDead2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

A new hub world with no level scaling or loot scaling...Interesting Quests, good destruction magic. Some of that Radiant Ai Todd Howard was BSing about again. NO BUGS

wallis2389d ago

A hub world for elder scrolls would be fucking terrible and I've seen plenty of examples of the radiant AI in quests and their initiations as well as the world over all.

Also people may hate the scaling in elder scrolls but its necessary. Get over it because it's that or a linear game. Bethesda can only sculpt so perfect a world and I'm sorry that sometimes you wind up playing against the wrong level trolls but it's that or a broken game.

GaMErFoLife882390d ago

i would like to see a skill tree for werewolves, more spells like what the wirter said and earth spells. a mage isnt a mage unless he has the power over all elements. I.E. the mage wraps up an enemys lags an feet in stone making him unable to move so you blast away at him with rock spears or a bolder and mabybe some sort of earthquake spell. spells an be limitless if you get the right minds to work on it!

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The story is too old to be commented.