Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will Resurrect Your Childhood

Disney is bringing back some old friends in their newest title coming out for the 3DS. Come take a look and see for yourself!

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VanillaBear2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

"3DS spin-off Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is going to be a spiritual sequel to Castle of Illusion"'s not though, it's an Epic Mickey installemnt not a "...Starring Mickey Mouse" game

I feel like they are just exploting the Sega megadrive games to gain more sales for the 3DS version of Epic Mickey.

If there was going to be another game in the Mickey Mouse franchise I'd rather have a full retail/PSN game which will stay in it's own universe then using the Epic Mickey one.

ActiveRespawn2413d ago

Some of the old characters being brought to your handheld would be pretty cool

Venox20082412d ago

I like what I see and I like that this will be different version, than others on consoles and I really loved castle of illusion