Areas of Improvement: Mass Effect 3 and DLC

This is the message that sent several gamers, myself included, into a blind rage upon completion of Mass Effect 3. The ending, whether poorly written or unfinished, had already left a bad taste in my mouth, and when coupled with this shameless, in-your-face advertisement, EA and Bioware might as well have given their fanbase a biotic backhand to the face. Thanks in part to that message, the internet has unsurprisingly been abuzz with rumors of Mass Effect 3 DLC that would bring potential additions and fixes to the game. The ending is rightfully receiving the most attention regarding DLC, and Bioware will (hopefully) address the fans’ concerns with the announcement of “content initiatives” at some point in early April, likely at PAX East. If this potential ending fix/extension is Bioware’s first step however, what will be the next? Well, here are a few possible areas, both good and bad, that Bioware should consider improving upon through DLC.

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FrightfulActions2484d ago

Good article. I would point out parts I agreed with, but in this case, it happened to be basically all of it. Even felt the same glee at the "walking tanks" elcor. Got my hopes up. I will note however... that it would be nice to actually visit Palaven. You never really did get to visit the Turian homeworld - you only visited it's moon.

I know ME3 was suppose to be the final big battle with the reapers, but I really felt like they shouldn't had started it right at their arrival. At least give us one story mission that needs to be done first so we have time to visit these new alien homeworlds as curious tourist. ME2 had a few places you could visit, each with its own charm. Omega, Citadel, Tuchanka, Illium. Doesn't seem like a lot but when compared to ME3, thats a ton. Considering ME3 only had the Citadel and that's it. I excepted to at least be able to visit the Migrant Fleet again.

Also wonder whatever happened to those Multiplayer cutscenes where Shepard talks to the multiplayer crew. I've never seen anything at all like that in any of the maps I played. I was looking forward to seeing my Shepard give some kind of heroic speech to me. Couldn't be too hard to have each person see their own version of Shepard based off of last loaded gamesave.

A nice potential 'fix' to the lack of squadmates could be to make the multiplayer's "Promote" option carry more weight. Imagine if the multiplayer character you worked on and designed was capable of being carried over into the singleplayer as a squadmember. Sure, he/she would have practically no chat options and mostly just be there as an extra solider to use, but it would be nice to have another biotic around.

A tad bit more freedom to the multiplayer powers would be nice, too. Even something as simple as being able to swap around what button fires what power. Be nice if the the "triangle" skill was customized to be whatever power you want/have unlocked... mmm. Lol

mobijoker2484d ago

Undoubtedly, ME3 was the weakest of the trilogy.It fails to make itself feel an intergalactic game like the previous two.It lacks great nerve-wrecking missions of ME1 and ME2.Companions are still interesting but cannot leave a lasting mark like the previous two games.It feels like Bioware is keeping something from the game to sell it as dlc.
They did same to Dragon Age 2.No surprise that EA has been voted worst company of USA.No more i should buy Bioware titles on Day1.I'm completely devastated to see my ME1 savegame of 2007 go to waste as there is no real impact.

VanguardOfCalamity2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I would love to add "Blasto" to the roster of potential squad mates - spitting out schwarzenegger'esc one-liners.. also some heavy weapons being added back to the inventory <at least for single player campaign> would be fun.

<edit> Blasto "This one doesn't have time for your solid waste excretions" XD