Unreal Tournament III review by GamersHell (7/10) - "The game is smooth and looks a lot like if Gears of War. Everything is very detailed and beautifully rendered. I died many times just trying to get better looks at the environment and details. Characters look really cool, again very similar to the style of Gears of War. The vehicles look awesome and there is a nice variety of them. I can tell a lot of effort went into making the game sparkle but unfortunately, this is where the effort seems to stop."

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Mario184564d ago

Mario reviews 1/10}

Seriously I've never heard of this site...

Real Gambler4564d ago

First, he admit he is not into shooter... FIRST PHRASE: "I’ll admit, I AM NEW TO MULTIPLAYER GAMES. It was Call of Duty 4 that brought me into online multiplayer gaming"

Then he goes: "The game is smooth and looks a lot like if Gears of War." Ok, let's assume he started with COD4, then got into GoW... You never know, it may have happened...

Then: "You have the standard fare of multiplayer game types." Wooops, he is now an expert... NOT SO NEW TO MULTIPLAYER GAMES ANYMORE???

Then we have: "When it is all said and done though, UTIII offers nothing new." Compare to what??? The guy admit in his first line he doesn't know much this type of game???

And to finish it off: "If Unreal could implement some of the gameplay features seen in many other modern shooters," Ooops, didn't play any shooters, but he knows about the others???

Quite an interesting review! I would bet he never played the game. Simply read some stuff here and there, and decided to write a "review" about it! Good job Hugh Ebert, I hope you have a second income, because your review suuuuck!

solideagle14564d ago

that is my point everybody is making there own review and y its adding in gamerankings or total percentage? this should be stopped i think we should make a website like N4g where we will measure the credibility of websites.
look at the first paragraph and it is done that this guy does not know anything about gaming let alone online. :)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4564d ago

he sucks at playing UT :)

solideagle14564d ago

how much news i have to approved and after that i can approve too?

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