Halo 3 Announcement Trailer secretly updated?

As I layed back watching my xbox 360 I noticed something interesting...I noticed in the Halo 3 trailer where Cortana said,"This is the Way the world ends" you notice a blue light maybe hinting at the blue beam from New Mombasa shown. Here's where it gets interesting.  Before I updated my 360' there was just a dark screen when cortana says this is the way the world ends but now after my update it seems like it may also have updated the Halo 3 trailer,  somehow perhaps starting another I love bees campaign?

Marriot VP6556d ago

I noticed that too, I thought it was a glitch in my download. Good to hear it could be something....but what?? lol

CrizzleC246555d ago

that blue light was somehow spooky if ya ask me....thank goodness, I thought I was crazy or something..-CrizzleC

CrizzleC246555d ago (Edited 6555d ago )


This should prove im not under the influence

Dukester1016555d ago

i got it too. thought something was screwed up. good to hear that others have it ( i hope it's good)

Droidbro6555d ago

It could be some sort of cryptic message Bungie wants us to decypher. But more than likely that light was always there, and is now only visible with the video playback update.

shotty6555d ago

I have it too, I just thought I was crazy and I didn't notice it before the

FreeMonk6555d ago

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that MS could update a trailer, but anything is possible.

Problem is that I've noticed that before, and I watched that Trailer hundreds of times. Even if the trailer shows it up more by making it lighter, everything else would be too.

I'm not sure what it is, but one thing for certain is that it wasn't there before. It was just a blank screen!