Toshiba adds 13 new REGZA model LCD TVS at CES

Toshiba is rolling out 13 new REGZA models including new high level picture technologies, larger screen sizes and high-gloss cosmetic design, following a move to build on the momentum from its May 2006 REGZA brand launch.

Toshiba's REGZA LCD line includes new models ranging from 26" diagonally measured all the way up to 57" diagonally measured - the 52" and 57" screen sizes are new and on display at CES.

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doshey4028d ago

i didnt know they made tvs too, they most likely suck like there hd dvd format

Bombomb4028d ago

you people just don't know technology. Most of you fanboys probably hear toshiba and think HD-DVD.

Do some research and you'll see Toshiba is involves in lots of things just as sony.

did you even know there are a big part of the cell technology sony uses in the PS3?

This site has a bunch of dums dums on here..

bym051d4028d ago

Good for Toshiba. They need something to fill the revenue void of HDDVD.

j/k Toshiba makes some pretty good TVs.

Imallvol74028d ago

this has been the best week evar!

i own both a 360 and a ps3, but it is so good to see the xbots on the run. everything that was ever going ms's way is crumbling beneath their feet.

socomnick4028d ago

? I fail to see your logic m8. Hd-dvd is a movie format and guess what we "xbots" dont give a flying poo about either format we only care about games. What we want is to find out what Bill is going to announce at ces tonight. We also want Gears of war 2 best franchise eva !!!1

Bombomb4028d ago

I clearly fail to see how fanbosy attach HD-DVD to MS when the 360 doe snot use the drive for gaming purposes and uses DVD9. For some reason it is still proving you can still make AAA titles, without the need for big space.

Sony has had Blu-Ray from the start, and look at their software sales, hardware sales and attach rate? 3rd Place.

Blu-ray has not mean much, and still does not scream quality. Space is nice but looking at the 360/wii's hardware sales that's more proof then ya need. This sites's a joke,

theprophetjebus4028d ago

Thing is, this is about Toshiba TVS. Using your logic you could say PS3 sucks because of how betamax did.