Wheels of Destruction PS3 Review ( - It’s Deathmatch time! Grab your weapons, recharge your shield, put on your….driving gloves? That’s right, it’s time for some rubber burning, tire screeching, shoot-em-up fun, Wheels of Destruction style.

Wheels of Destruction, one of today’s PSN releases, gives you the opportunity to blow the crap out of your fellow drivers while racing around 5 European-themed arenas. You can pick between a handful of vehicles, most of which are named after classes in Valve’s excellent Team Fortress 2, and switch between weapons you’ll find littered around the place. Shooter fans will instantly recognise the match types available – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag (no explanation necessary, I’m sure), and your efforts will be rewarded with a nice spot on the leaderboards.

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