DTOID Extra: Hands on with Borderlands 2 co-op

Destructoid, Tara Long- "It's no secret that Borderlands 2 is one of my most anticipated games of this year, so understandably, I jumped at the chance to go hands on with its co-op mode last week. Our producer Zac was playing along with me, so we decided to run down both the good and bad of our experiences."

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Gamer19822390d ago

Only game im looking forward to this year :(. This game thinks out of the box and gives something new which is great. Every other title lately is a rehash of something old and this is why this game will be GOTY for me. All shooters are the same with just differnt maps and guns and all racers the same with differnt cars and maps. Devs trying to shake things up but doing it poorly... We need another Burnout dammit.. I'm babbling I know lol.