Mass Effect 3 multiplayer rewards suspended following exploits

BioWare has temporarily suspended the granting of Victory and Commendation Packs for Mass Effect 3′s Operation Raptor after it was identified that “many people” were using an exploit to get multiple packs.

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FrightfulActions2390d ago

Two things.
1. Does it really matter if someone exploits in a game that is strictly Co-OP? I don't care how my team acquired their fancy new guns, it helps me out if they're well armed. There's no PVP in ME3's Galaxy at War so I don't see who this hurts.

2. The operations, or at least this one, aren't actually on the PS3 due to Sony apparently being hard to work with, so why tag this with PS3?

badjournalism2390d ago

It's funny that 2k and Activision don't have issues running community events on both platforms. It's a convenient excuse for EA/BioWare to blame Sony for the fact that they didn't include this functionality in the PS3 version from the start.

vickers5002389d ago

Or they could have a little exclusivity contract with Microsoft and aren't willing to admit it.

Tr10wn2389d ago

@vickers500 i find that hard to believe since EA has been giving Sony exclusive content and they admit they have exclusive agreements with them, they are just to lazy to do it or its true that sony is hard to convince.

vickers5002389d ago


The Battlefield 3 Soldier class for Mass Effect 3 was only on xbox 360, Xbox 360 was given Kinect support while ps3 wasn't given move support, the promotion to win a car was absent for ps3 version, and the collector assault rifle dlc for multiplayer was also apparently absent from ps3, and all the events that have been going on have been excluded from ps3.

I don't know about you, but when I look at all that crap, it makes me think Bioware and Microsoft have a little deal going on, not that Bioware is lazy, because Bioware does want to make money, and excluding some of that stuff just because they're lazy when they could be making money off of it just doesn't make sense.

soundslike2390d ago

"1. Does it really matter if someone exploits in a game that is strictly Co-OP? I don't care how my team acquired their fancy new guns, it helps me out if they're well armed. There's no PVP in ME3's Galaxy at War so I don't see who this hurts. "

It hurts butthurt tryhards who have no friends to play with


The_Nameless_One2390d ago

Come on man. You can at least let Bioware feel they are taking this

JaredH2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I'm guessing it's because you can buy the packs with actually money and not just in game currency so they might think it's taking away from micro-transaction sales if people get more than one free pack.

zeal0us2390d ago

Won't be hard to ban ppl seeing as no one should have an N7 Crusader,Eagle, Hurricane, or Valiant higher than 2.

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rattletop2390d ago

i promoted 2 characters but i received only the victory pack. Same issue when there was the 'brute' challenege few weeks back.

antz11042390d ago

This sucks, f$cking cheaters. I think Im a little bent since I promoted the only 2 level 20's I had, and the victory pack was very "meh". That, and some of my friends logged on earlier and opened theirs, so they got it and I didn't since by the time I got home they were pulled.

Like I said......f$cking cheaters.

SneeringImperialist2390d ago

There is an exploit/hack on PC where you can change your amount of credits to whatever you feel like and just spam spectre packs, the top guy in the world is like level 1886 already lol.

rattletop2390d ago

i saw some1 in 4000 rank.(pc)

AngelicIceDiamond2389d ago

I don't like exploitation as much as the next guy, but Bioware NEEDS to fix the multiplayer and nerf most of the enemies and fix the clunky controls.

Rupee2389d ago

I would think it would be the same as the singleplayer, so why "fix" the multiplayer controls and nerf enemies? I don't get your complaint...

AngelicIceDiamond2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Umm the enemies are to strong? You die like in 2 shots(And not literally), the enemie stomps on you before anyone can revive you, when you go down the timer before you bleed out needs to be longer, when ally revives you in a crowd of enemies,we need at least 4 to 5 seconds of invincibility so we can get outta there. Phantom needs her pistol palms nerfing THAT ones like 3 shots and you're dead, for god sakes she can already execute you with your sword, decrease the accuracy of the enemies like geth rockets, and they need to decrease the amount of grabs the banshee does when shes chasing me and corners me I get grabbed at least half the time its not fair.

As for the controls seriously.... I go to revive someone and my character does everything but revive my ally crouches behind a corner, back against the wall, hurdling over things rolling around its clunky.

The Multiplayer needs a better balance maybe not nerf but a balance.