Philips CES '08: Target Goes Blu-ray Exclusive?

Joshua Topolsky writes, "Well folks, we're here basking in the soothing white light, and extremely ready for whatever Philips has to offer this CES season. Prepare to be blown away, or not blown away. Only time will tell."

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TANOD4034d ago

It is MS who gave them False hopes

TheTwelve4034d ago

Best Buy needs to go exclusive as they sell the most DVDs. It will happen soon.

Really, you had to be only of average intelligence to know that Warner would go Blu after Christmas.

Now that this is taking place, there really are no more surprises and no more wise predictions. Even a dummy can predict that Target, Best Buy, and other retailers and studios will go Blu now.


TaylorB4034d ago

Best Buy's biggest competition is Walmart. I don't see them sacrificing any sales until Walmart drops HD-DVD as well. Walmart and Best Buy will hold onto HD-DVD until either Toshiba concedes, or until sales completely drop off.

doshey4034d ago

it is time, to come out with our newest hd dvd player

EZCheez4034d ago

The one that plays blu-rays.

Darkiewonder4034d ago

it was target wasn't it? Or K-mart. [LOL I think K-mart]

ShAkKa4034d ago

Toshiba will have to come out with a new $50 dollar hd-dvd player.

RonDeMuerte4034d ago

With everyone chanting that HD-DVD is dead all over the internet and all of the bad press that Toshiba is getting!!!! I'd doubt they could even sell HD-DVD players for $20 bucks at your local 7-11......

Snukadaman4034d ago

You guys are under the impression that all hd-dvd does is play it upconverts regular dvd movies to really need too know before you post..there should be a law.

IGNFTW4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.