Apple's shadow looms over next generation consoles

Gamasutra- As the next generation of console systems looms, and the industry devours any scraps of gossip about the next Xbox or PlayStation, I'm starting to wonder if Microsoft and Sony are paying enough attention to Apple – and the threat it presents to their living room dominance.

While Steve Jobs never had a big interest in the gaming world, the app store quickly made the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch portable gaming powerhouses – albeit using a vastly different model than Nintendo and Sony. These days, Tim Cook is running the show – and he's not an executive who's going to ignore a $60 billion-plus industry.

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dedicatedtogamers2391d ago

2005 called. It wants all of its "iPhone will destroy handheld gaming" articles back.

Apple needs to make some MASSIVE steps forward before they're worth a dime to the gaming industry. For starters, they need to lock down some exclusive development houses. As of right now, Apple is simply doing what Apple does best: repackaging something, making it look pretty, and charging you more than what it's worth. They've done it for years with their hardware, and now they're doing it again with all the Flash/browswer-quality games on the App Store.

Soldierone2390d ago

The disagrees prove what else Apple is good to make you believe their overpriced junk is worth the money.

Honestly if Apple "takes over" the gaming industry, I'm done being a gamer. Can't stand the Apple fanboys, rather sit there and watch MS and Sony fanboys go at it then have them jump in the picture. That and I don't feel like buying a new console every six months because someone decided to slightly upgrade something and keep the price at 600 dollars....

decrypt2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

"The disagrees prove what else Apple is good to make you believe their overpriced junk is worth the money"

Console makers do the same, whats your point?

They charge you 500usd for a console at launch, which really can be significantly out performed by a 700-800usd PC or matched by a 500usd PC, later though they rip you of on the games and accessories. Later on in the gen you get told oh all the expensive games you bought this gen wont work on the next lol. Console gaming is no different its a rip off too.

Soldierone2390d ago

They charge you 500 dollars that can get outperformed by an 800 dollar or more PC....They lose money half the time on the beginning because they are investing in buyers. I won't deny game prices are expensive and there are flaws, but its not as big of a rip off....

I mean the PS3 cost what now 250 dollars? With Apple's business mechanics there would have been 5 or 6 PS3's by now just to keep the price at 600 dollars. Look at the IPad...."Ooh it has a prettier screen!" You want to talk about out dated specs, for a company supposedly trying to entice gamers Apple is rather far behind...

vsr2390d ago

Imagine Apple rebuys the HALO IP from MS & make it as an exclusive game for IOS ......

Indigo1232391d ago

I hate this site because they bring up the most asinine things

Fel082390d ago

God I hope not. The gaming community already has to tolerate SONY and Microsoft fanboys, we don't need Apple fanboys added into the mix. Especially when they are the most blind, delusional type of fanboys out there.

SignifiedSix2390d ago

I'm an owner of the 27inch imac. I don't even use OS X on it. Its so much slower than windows!!!

Also, I don't think apple would make it in the console race. I don't think anyone would want to shell out 1500 for a piece of hardware that's overpriced for what its actually worth.

The only thing that sold me on the new imacs were the crisp screens they offer. And also the performance parts of it. I just recently installed 16gb of ram and she flies. But sadly, the only bottleneck in the thing is the gpu and I can't replace it :/ oh well!

Theo11302390d ago

in 5 years the hardcore console gamers will be were pc gaming is right now.

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