Joystiq- Kinect Star Wars Review: Needs Force feedback

Joystiq- Kinect Star Wars has some good concepts, a few of which are actually well-implemented, but the overarching experience doesn't hold up. Lightsaber play feels disconnected -- especially in the same generation as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword -- and the Kinect just isn't able to do it justice. Like many early Wii titles, the sub-games feel more like activities than actual games. There are some enjoyable bits here and there -- notably the flying sections and Rancor Rampage -- but for the most part, the Force pull of Kinect Star Wars far exceeds its Force grasp.

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JellyJelly2483d ago

What a waste of the Star Wars license.

Why someone haven't yet made a lightsaber duel game using the Wii-mote or Move controller is beyond me.