Sony's clever Killzone 3 experiment: Is this the future of gaming?

Six weeks ago Sony released a trial of the Killzone 3 multiplayer experience. The trial has pumped new players into the KZ3 community and offers the chance to buy the multiplayer experience without the single player campaign. Is splitting 'AAA' games and selling them in parts good or bad for the industry?

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gameplayingfool2386d ago

Splitting 'AAA' games into chunks and selling them online? I didn't really think of it this way, but the dude raises some good questions. I guess, considering most people never finish single player, there is no real reason not to. Interesting...

jimineyscrickets2386d ago

I was pretty skeptical of the idea, but this has made me rethink. I love KZ3, and if this brings new players and strenghtens the community, maybe its good. Cya online!

Outside_ofthe_Box2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

"strenghtens the community"

Sony did this to make the very last bit of profit they could from KZ3. KZ3 overall is a huge CoDfication and Casualization failure. KZ2 still remains the best tactical console shooter this gen. Any Killzone fan will tell you this and any hater will of course say otherwise.

KZ3's online has very little people playing it while KZ2 has more people playing it than KZ3 which shows you how much better KZ2 is than KZ3.

pixelsword2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )


I don't know if that's true about more people playing 2 over 3 (probably still making it to General lol), but I must admit that as a whole I did enjoy K2's multiplayer over K3 in terms of the Warzone. The boards were made for super grindingly-hard-bullets-in-yo- gullet-and-kick-you-into-grand m a's-casket-killzone-style gameplay that made you feel really good about being adept at playing the game. The sniper being able to track you, the partial switching of classes, the dynamic spawn points, the dark and grey look and feel is an experience unto itself.

Killzone 3 has it's bennies too: hackable turrets, stronger aerial support, orbital strike, harder to break the saboteur's/sniper's cover; but it is inferior in a few ways. The gameplay is easier, the dynamic spawn points are gone, There's no basic soldier, and you can't take cover behind the fixed turrets. It's still fun, but not as "punch in your face" fun that Killzone 2 had (Heck, have you ever played the first Killzone online? that was hard too).

In terms of Ops though, Ops has me hooked and is the redeeming factor that Killzone 3's online has. I only wish that GG made more Ops boards.

CarlitoBrigante2385d ago

Killzone 2 multiplayer was the best online experience I had this gen. KZ3 didnt live up to my expectations multiplayer wise, they changed so many things that were so good in KZ2.

BloodGracht and Radec Academy will be the best maps ever!

JoGam2386d ago

Its a GREAT idea. The way I see it. There were some people who just wasnt ever going to buy KZ3 but because they released the multiplayer side of the game and gave it a great price point, some of those people went out and bought it. I even know some people who traded the full game in the past but bought the multiplayer game from PSN. I think its great to do this when a game may have reached its selling point.

SilentNegotiator2386d ago

It's a good idea so long as we don't start seeing games split in half (MP/SP) sold for $40 per piece or something.

I really fear what new techniques the next generation will bring to make games more expensive and restrictive.

Muerte24942386d ago

I wish they would offer most games like that. I mean I haven't touched Killzone3's single player since I bought the game. While slightly disappointed with the direction they went in with the MP, i still enjoyed it. This can also combat the used games market.

n4gisatroll2385d ago

The single player had some beautiful moments. The jungle was stunning, imo.

Virtual_Reality2386d ago

DUST 514, another example of AAA F2P and exclusive for PS3.

RedDead2386d ago

Ok again....KZ3 multi is NOT F2P. It's just a Trial. You can't play after level 10, the trial ends. That was simply clever wording by Sony. And a complete **** up by Gametrailers.

pixelsword2386d ago

I think you can play, but you can't advance in rank. I could be wrong, though; since I bought the game and really don't care about the restrictions.

Gamer19822385d ago

Indeed you stop ranking up after lvl 10. You can continue playing. But higher lvl players will frustrate you thus encouraging you to buy.

fatboyfsx2380d ago

@ Gamer1982

Once you level up to 10 you can no longer play unfortunately, but it is still an awesome free trial demo. Not to mention $15 including all the maps ($10 for all maps) is an amazing deal! I am extremely glad they did this, I hope to see it done with more games.

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snipes1012386d ago

As long as they don't increase the price, I'm fine with it. Sell me the single player part (the part I play most) for half the price ($30) and the multiplayer for the other half ($30).

RustInPeace2385d ago

I'd say, with a $30/$30 price point, the SP MUST be at the BARE MINIMUM of about 10 hours long (as in straight through, beginning to end (not including finding collectibles and side missions if the game in question has those types of things)) and the MP MUST have some sort of "redeeming quality" if it is to last long & for that price point.
If CoD came out and offered ONLY MP @$30, it better not only be entertaining enough for consumers to come back to over and over, but ALL CURRENT PROBLEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ADDRESSED SINCE COD4 should NOT EXIST. And the way Acti/____(3arch/IW/Sledge/Rave n) handle their games, each side has its exclusive team to work on that part of the game (isn't that what they say they do now anyway?), so ALL hands on the MP dev side stick ONLY to that to ensure a QUALITY product once released (no more lag comp. or finding the lowest common denominator to run off of, no more clipping ala MW2s "Fuel" map or [email protected] under map clipping, hitboxes that ONLY overlay the character model & NOT some ghost box 3 feet from the target on all sides (the way they fixed the hitboxes from CS:S to the new CS:GO),... i could go on, but that's enough ranting, lol

THESONYPS32386d ago

Well we have been thinking about it for the future Gen alot. We would of done it at the begining of this gen but choose no to. We experienced it with the new ridge racer on the vita but have come up with new ideas. instead of paying alot for the game itself and having barely anything in it, why not just buy it from scratch. Like $3 for each online map or like $20 for campaign. The classes can be bought etc.. So now you only have what you want and if you do not like it then but the full game, just campaign or just multiplayer.

wsoutlaw872385d ago

It is a great idea to sell a game in parts on the psn. A large amount of people may only want online or single player. I do believe Fight Night Champions did this first however.

pain777pas2385d ago

I might give this a shot but I am a diehard KZ2 fan. Best FPS this generation KZ2. Believe it play it. I will give KZ3 a shot again but I hated the demo because if felt so COD. No weight to the movement. KZ2 is the best.

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360GamerFG2386d ago

It came and it went and didn't change the industry. . .

sphinct2386d ago

I think any affect will come slowly and thru Sony first. If they find this successfully reinvigorated the community, why not do it with other games? If it continues to work, other companies looking to get more life (and $$) out of their games might follow suit.

Rendering judgment now seems not only premature, but doesn't take into account the way things work.

Now, of course, it may not work at all...but that remains to be seen.

pat_11_52386d ago

I'd love to see other developers adopt this model. It's a great way of revitalizing an older game.

TekoIie2386d ago

Didn't homefront do this first?

TheRealHeisenberg2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

CoD and Battlefield might as well follow this path.

Edit: TheSleepyGamer beat me to it.

PirateThom2386d ago

Truly, you may be the most pessimistic person that has ever existed.

360GamerFG2386d ago

Pessimism is a negative outlook or tendency to anticipate the worst. I'm not anticipating the worst, I'm looking at cold facts. The move didn't see a surge in sales or sustained growth in the killzone 3 community. I'm just sayin.

PirateThom2386d ago

And you've predicted it didn't change the industry, but maybe someone else will run with the idea and be more sucessful.

KonaBro2386d ago

Show me the reports on revenue gained since it was released. Oh? You can't? That's what I thought. "Cold hard facts" my ass.

pangitkqb2386d ago

@ FinancialGamer

Show us the sales data you reference. I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm saying you are making bold claims without supporting them.

sony hasn't released sales figures for the Multiplayer Experience, and common consensus in the Kz3 community, having played recently myself, is that there are definitely more people playing since the free trial went live.

I'm not against your opinion, but how can we take it credibly with zero evidence or numbers?

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sphinct2386d ago

Quoting Canadian Turtle Below:

"I actually bought the game all because of the free to play trial.

I mean, the full retail game."

That's food for thought right there.

sikbeta2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

As the "experiment" or as "the game"?

As the game, it's a shooter, you'd have to expect so much for that to happen :P

As the "experiment" don't have any idea, doesn't seem to brake any sales record or anything, but that can be because of the game itself, so we need to see more of these things happening to judge it well, the idea sounds good though :D

pixelsword2386d ago

@ FinancialGamer

1st person cover didn't change the industry, but it did change first person games this gen.

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TheSleepyGamer2386d ago

I like the idea, it's actually one of the few decisions being made lately which actually benefits gamers.

If you like the multiplayer but aren't so fond of the single player experience then you don't need to pay extra and vise versa.

Maybe the next CoD (or seventy of them the way they get released..) can make use of this idea.

byeGollum2386d ago

I like the idea of selling SP and MP separately as an option.
games like Fight Night, I just want to play online. I don't need the offline content. That way you pay for what you use.

TekoIie2386d ago

I know this sounds strange but I'll like it if it is categorised in your trophies/achievements with MP and SP seperatly. So BF3 MP and SP are separated for achievements.

Burning_Finger2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

It's a good OPTION.

But some people still preferred all together in one single disc like myself.

Now, only if they stop that ONLINE PASS bull****.

pangitkqb2386d ago

Ya, and I think that really is the appeal. Those like you still have the option of the whole game on disc, and those gaming on a budget can get the portion they want for cheaper. Everyone wins.