Max Payne 3 US vs EU cover comparison – EU version wins

The US and the EU version of the Max Payne 3 cover are compared side by side and it's clear which one involved more thought and creativity.

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morganfell2388d ago

Does this cover change the gameplay in some way? I can't think of a movie poster that ever changed whether I enjoyed a film. Or a CD cover affecting music on the disc. Or game box art mattering one iota. I guess this is one more sign of the ever increasing speed at which game journalism is on a blistering headfirst skyscraper suicide swan dive.

Pozzle2388d ago

Eh. They're not that bad, tbh. I actually think the US one looks a tad more eye-catching and "clean"...if that makes any sense?

Eamon2387d ago

I agree. In my opinion, there's no real distinctive feature in either of them that makes me like one over the other.