Borderlands 2 Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

I'm not gonna lie…but Borderlands 2 is kind of a big deal. Ever since its announcement last year at PAX Prime, fans everywhere have been feverish to see what kind of action Gearbox Software, the game’s developer, is going to bring to the franchise with the second go-around. And to be honest? You’re gonna get guns. Lots of them. In fact, the developer set aside time in last year’s demo to show off how many are in the game, and though we didn’t keep a specific count (you’d have to be Rain Man to do that), it definitely sits up there in the “bazilliondier” section, as promised in the advertising. So obviously, when 2K Games invited us down to go hands-on with the sequel, we didn’t just jump at the opportunity. We rampaged through San Francisco like a good Gunzerker would, just to get to the demo station and check it out.

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LaurenKB1232441d ago

WANT this game so bad... August can't come soon enough...

UltimaEnder2441d ago

Dang this game looks good!