Gaming-Age: The Pinball Arcade Review

"The Pinball Arcade is a new digital platform released this week for XBLA that’s meant to represent actual, real life pinball tables in digital form, developed by FarSight Studios. FarSight has been putting out video game pinball titles for a while now, and were behind the Williams, Bally’s, and Gottlieb collections that were featured on a number of platforms over the past few years. The Pinball Arcade comes off as a culmination of their efforts up to this point, and promises to be a serious contender for the best version of video game pinball you’re likely to ever see."

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portugamer2386d ago

Cool, another pinball game is always welcomed.and hopefully, ps3 and x360 have a lot of power under the hood, which gives us wonderful tables , with 0 aliasing, perfect colors and textures, and great animations. On Last gen, a few years ago, a pinball was still a pinball, right. But today, we can have some great lifelike tables, that look even better than the original.

For those who like playing pinball, they should buy Zen pinball, as soon as possible.
The game costs less than 10$, and comes with 5 great tables. Tesla is one of my favourites. Mars is cool, too.and if you want more stuff, you can buy some great tables, for less than 2$ each one. The price is totally ridiculous, for what you get, on a 60mb package. You can have a tribute to street fighter, ninja gaiden sigma,etc, paranormal is also excellent.

There are a lot of stuff, for the price you pay.great stuff, really. Though, there are 2 things I don't like: even with the tutorials, its hard to know what and where you are supposed to go, grab, click, visit, what it the next goal, what I need to do first, etc. Even YouTube won't help a lot.

Another thing I don't like, is when I'm playing local multiplayer, for example, with another guy, when I lose the ball and its my friend who s gonna play, I have to give him my gamepad. Why, Zen studios, if you read me, why can't the second player use a second gamepad, if available? If were both on our own sofa, with our beer, its just so stupid and uncomfortable, to give him the gamepad, get it back, give him, get it back,etc. It's frustating.

Marvel pinball, another pinball game, is great, too. Wolverine table is a great experience. And each table is really really cheap.

Pinball arcade: I will pick it , for sure.