Pokemon Conquest Trailer and Intro Video

GameXplain: "We just got our hands on a couple of videos for the newly announced Pokemon Conquest, coming to the Nintendo DS on June 18th"

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Incipio2386d ago

ANOTHER pokemon game?


Indigo1232386d ago

yeah ANOTHER FIRST pokemon srpg

Ill take that

Instigator2386d ago

Still waiting for that first Pokemon Action RPG.

Instigator2386d ago

I'm thinking of one where you're in control of your pokemon, from dodging to attacking, in water, on land and in the air, preferably in 3D space. Turnbased RPGs are good, but I want the action oriented fights of the anime while still maintaining a deep level and stats system.

dark-hollow2386d ago

Its a cross over between Pokemon and a Japanese game called nunabunga's ambition.

But oh well, trolling is easier than checking facts first.

newsguy2386d ago

can't wait for a pokemon MMO!

Spenok2386d ago

I still cant believe this hasnt been done. I have a feeling it would be pretty damn amazing. Or at least what ive thought it could/would be.

Redempteur2386d ago

wont happen anytime soon