EA responds to "worst company" label from Consumerist

EA this week was selected by more than 250,000 votes on The Consumerist as the "worst company in America for 2012." EA has just provided GamesIndustry International with a response to this "Golden Poo Award."

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donniebaseball2754d ago

For once, I side with EA. This was a retarded poll. EA may not be so nice from a games business viewpoint, but they are nothing to the world compared to the people who screwed over our entire economy and housing market.

omi25p2754d ago

They are the worst company in the Entertainment industry. Not the entire world

Captain Qwark 92754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

you must have forgot about activision.....or capcom......

plus lets be honest here, this is prob just the result of a bunch of peeps still mad at bioware and blaming ea

TekoIie2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

@captain qwark 9

As said EA pulls multiple stunts which show greediness. They started the Online Pass system, Sell Day one DLC and look at how many of their major titles have recently been boycotted.

Also Activision seems to have a line. All they really do is yearly releases (this is something that EA also does). Capcom i really dont care about so i just tend to shut up when they turn up in the news.

SilentNegotiator2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

They're the worst company according to the internet.

"mad at bioware and blaming ea"
Hint: Bioware IS Ea. A first party studio. And perhaps they deserve it; Mass Effect 3 is the epitome of everything wrong in the gaming world - increased multiplayer focus, online passes, day one DLC, insulting our intelligence with both plot holes and flawed explanations for platform preference (not enough time, manpower, or resources for simple VC.....LOL, said the company that delayed the game for months, is swimming in cash, and discussing something that even SOCOM did on the ps2 without making sacrifices), etc.

da_2pacalypse2754d ago

How can they get away with making that kind of a statement? Aren't banks/oil companies entitled to sue EA for saying something like that?

Gaming1012754d ago

The people who voted for EA are just butt-hurt gamers who know nothing about economics, or how Skank of America was largely responsible for a lot of the economic strife that's been circulating the entire world, but do gamers know anything about economics or understand what's happening? Of course not, they're just happy to be ignorant whiners about how Mass Effect 3 ended.

Quite frankly, Activision rips off its consumers even more by charging for map packs and content released in prior releases, so literally you're paying for the same thing twice. Now that's underhanded crony capitalism.

Game4life2754d ago

what does that make activision then and the CEO of the company?

Soldierone2754d ago

really your only going to blame Activision for yearly releases? If thats so then no wonder this poll was so biased and completely stupid, people like that are voting in it.....Go back to Call of Duty.

Sony3602754d ago

Umm, Activision?

The people who voted in this poll are the kind of people who'll vote based on the last thing they heard in an election.

ziggurcat2754d ago

@ silentnegotiator:

no, bioware is NOT EA, bioware is a separate studio. EA gives bioware free reign over their own projects.

brilliant effort, though. *slow clap*

IcarusOne2754d ago

ME3 is far from "the epitome of everything wrong in gaming." To many of us sane, well-adjusted gamers in the world, it was kind of the opposite - the shining example and what can happen when writing, story, gameplay, graphics, music, and sound all come together in a cohesive, interactive, and emotional experience.

Gamer19822754d ago

activision are worse than EA for a start and ...... This is an American poll you say? I'll be quiet now..

RedDead2753d ago

EA are ****ing miles worse than Activision. Everyone rips on Cod for yearly rehash(which they should)...but EA gets away with everything? At least EA have good games sure, but they way way worse than Acti. Also, this poll was retarded, EA is the worst company for gaming. It's got nothing on Bank of America though

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callahan092754d ago

EA has ticked me off many times in the past. I still remember when they bought Virgin Interactive and decided to cancel Thrill Kill right before it was set to release to stores, it had already been completed, was about to go gold, and the strategy guide was already on store shelves... all because they didn't want their squeeky clean image tainted but such a violent game. HA! Despicable...

All that said, however... Bank of America is just so far above and beyond the awfulness of EA that it's ridiculous.

Nimblest-Assassin2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


Wal-mart: uses sweatshops and child labor, pays their employees minimal wages and makes them work long hours and has violated dozens of human rights, and bullies small family owned buisnesses and drives those people into poverty....

But I do not have to pay extra!These guys are ok in my book!

BP Oil: Almost destroyed the Gulf of Mexico, endangering dozens of indigenous life.

They aren't taking my money... its cool.Oh and look they are cleaning a pelican! Thats sooooooo nice.

But they dirtied it in the first place....

Thats ok!

Ea: has online passes, day-one dlc, bad endings,etc. Has not violated any human rights


Consumerism in a nutshell

Lets face it... their are way worse companies than EA.. hell the only companies nominated are the ones that make you pay more.

In entertainment, Ea, Activision and Capcom are the worst due to how much they charge, and the amount of f**ks they give about their consumers (hint: they give absolutely none!)

But in ALL of America? Don't think so (hell EA probably beat the Bank of America because of the Mass Effect 3 ending)

FFXI1012754d ago

Agree with what you said. There are much worst companies than EA and in my book, Bank of America is one of them.

Krugsy2754d ago

Totally agree with you there. I think some people need to grow up and gain some perspective.

LightofDarkness2754d ago

I can't believe the Monsanto Corporation wasn't included on that list. You want to talk evil? Let's talk about the guys who invented napalm and single-handedly destroyed American agriculture with their patent protected GM seeds.

mynameisEvil2754d ago

Haha, Wal-Mart doesn't use sweatshops and child labor. They don't friggin' make anything. And even aside from that fact, they also feel the need to import friggin' everything because the US is no longer a manufacturing country.

Sam Walton is disappoint.

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dark-hollow2754d ago

Its a poll from the CONSUMERIST!!!
Its all about the consumers!

Why would a consumer careabout weapons companies, mafia gangs and global warming?

It companies that deals directly with the masses of consumers.

Nimblest-Assassin2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Yeah I knew it was a poll by consumerist, but I find consumerism stupid. There are more pressing issues than us spending more money.

Hell what about that poor kid in Malaysia who would be grateful for a crappy tv, a xbox360 and Mass effect 3? He doesn't care if he got some prothean, or if the ending sucked... he would be happy with what he received and be thankful for it.

What about that Nigerian family who just wants a decent place to sleep for the night?

Consumerism is just so self-centered, its dissapointed people want to help themselves buy paying less, rather than helping others and sending messages against the unethical treatment of human beings..

Where as we complain to paying to much for stuff, some people will never even be able to get it because they have to chose between food or electricity.

My opinion... world would be a better place if we actually cared about other people than ourselves...

Sounds borderline hippy when I think about it

dark-hollow2754d ago

That's all unrelated to the poll.

Its about consumer companies in USA.

salinidus2754d ago

I agree but even if you look at the market that they are a part of, the gaming industry, their are other companies that are far more reprehensible than them for instance namco just recently stated that soulcalibur 5 suffered in quality because they sold it when it was an unfinished product and then there is capcom who sold dlc for some of their games when said dlc was already on disc and was completed prelaunch so it should have been part of the game

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StraightPath2754d ago

wow how long has EA been providing games ? retarded people of course they would try to make alot of money, its a BUSINESS games companies want to make money. EA will continue to provide games for decades.

Rainstorm812754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

As many problems as i have with some of EA practices, they are far from the worst company in the US and im sure there isnt one person in here who can honestly say they havent enjoyed at least 1-3 EA games this generation.

Thats the biggest difference for me between EA and Activision, EA actually puts out quality games and activision puts out CoD..... and all the rest is garbage.

EA isnt the worst company in the US, they arent even the worst company in Gaming.

TeflonHahn2754d ago

I completely agree donnie. I will admit though, his reply was kind of boss though lol

yeahokchief2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I agree with donnie 100%. When I saw the tournament brackets for this I laughed at how they were comparing real scumbags like Bank of America and BP to a video game company. As much as I dislike EA and Activision, they're just small fish. Stupid comparison.

Bank of America hands down should have won this. Kicking people out of their homes, using tax payer bailout money to pay BONUSES to executives (you can easily bet that those bonuses are more than some people make in an entire year), killing off smaller and midsized companies by hiking up their interest rates during the recession, charging customers fees for using their freaking debit cards until their was a petition against it.

Big companies have a lot of expenses so they're forced to use these tactics to keep things going. Out of touch executives make decisions against the best interests of the games, franchises, fans and developers. Whether its Activision or EA or Capcom, they'll use every trick in the book to squeeze every penny out of their customers' wallets to support their greed and boost their egos. Nevermind respecting the IP, delivering a quality finished product or treating their employees with respect.

Nothing to worry about though. Eventually the shit hits the fan and karma is a bitch.

Ashunderfire862754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I agree 100 percent!!!! This is a stupid poll. One great example of EA games doing better is the Dead Space series. They litterally put real horror in that game despite some action, something that is missing in many of these so called horror games. EA games is doing better with the FPS front like Battlefield 3 for example, and the upcoming Medal of Honor game in the process of beating Call of Duty. As for the sports side, while still played by millions of fans, they still need to improve at bit in this area. Madden has been the same game year after year with minor improvements, and updated rosters. EA doesn't nickel and dime people as bad as Capcom, and Activision!!! Capcom is well known to lock in game content and charge it for DLC. Activision is known for nickel and diming people with expensive map packs and redos. Call of Duty to this day has the same tired old engine with the same problems as yesteryear!!!

OpenGL2753d ago

Yeah, EA is definitely not worse than BoA, but a bunch of users on /v/ kept voting in the poll to make EA win.

salinidus2748d ago

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shackdaddy2754d ago

This poll basically explains the internet in a nutshell.

Buff10442754d ago

Just too many whiny gamers out there, living in the bubble.

PooEgg2754d ago

Better a whiny gamer then a fool who bends over and takes whatever gaming companies offer with no questions asked.

TheRealHeisenberg2754d ago

^^^Some things are not worth whining about. The smart ones choose their battles wisely.

Ravenor2754d ago


You can't be serious, DLC on the disk sure...I'll give you that, but can you really fault EA for the games they have released this year and how they have turned out?

"Whining" is foolish, it's what children do. Do not mistake someone's silence for "Bending over" most people who don't act foolish just refuse to purchase something if the manufacturer/Producer/Develope r does something they don't like....sounds really simple doesn't it.

TheRealHeisenberg2754d ago

@ Ravenor

Don't try to use logic/make sense here. For some reason it never works.

Drake1172754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Seriously don't expect any agrees on this site, its full of whiners. Their are way better ways of handling things other than whining. But come on, i guess ppl are trying to convince someone named PooEgg to be more mature...prob not going to work very well.

SilentNegotiator2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I'm going to say something that people will disagree with, so let me establish that I have all the logic and I am right, and thus people will disagree with me. EVERYONE BUT MYSELF IS A WHINER!


Gamers deserve to be consumerists, too. Sorry if online passes, resources being used on multiplayer, day one dlc, plot holes, etc, etc, etc.....doesn't jell well with everyone.

Stop "whining" about people taking issue to these things. It shouldn't hurt you in the slightest if people unhappy are compensated or else just speak their minds.

Perjoss2754d ago

"Better a whiny gamer then a fool who bends over and takes whatever gaming companies offer with no questions asked."

Taking no action at all (not buying any of said companies products) is far more effective than a thousand whiny threads on random internet sites.

TheRealHeisenberg2754d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

So you are a whiner too. Got it, thanks.

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TekoIie2754d ago

completely agree. EA should be the greediest company but definitely not the worst in America. Im pretty sure there are a lot worse than them despite them abusing the fans of their games.

The_Nameless_One2754d ago

It also explains why people under 18 don't get to vote.

Consoldtobots2754d ago

I think anyone that thinks it is his/her prerogative to tell someone who paid their own money for a game, not to complain is the epitome of arrogance.

PooEgg2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@Perjoss - You make a really good point, and I have actually hit that point where I plan to avoid anything with an EA logo on it in the future, but I do think it is kinda a shame that it has gotten to a point where people cannot tell the difference between being whiny and simply expecting quality in gaming. There is a difference afterall, but it has gotten to the point that whenever someone says something negative about a game company they get accused of being whiny. By that logic all the people calling others whiny could be considered whiny themselves. It is so weird because no other company could get away with the nonsense that gaming companies pull, and yet some gamers are perfectly happy buying into it.

I guess it comes down to different people thinking differently, so I am going to agree to disagree with the other comments. Except for Drake117 who seems to think it is more mature to be the 117 person named after a videogame character... you couldn't think of something unique apparently, but to each his own I guess.

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Human Analog2754d ago

I may have lost my house.... But the ending for Mass Effect 3 Sucked.... So yeah, EA is THE worst company on the planet.

NobleRed2754d ago

Worst companies are crapcom and craptivision.