Wii U less powerful than current gen (GamerNode)

Will the Wii U stack up against THIS generation's consoles?

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bradtramel2389d ago

All of this Wii U news that's been trickling out isn't doing a good job in persuading me to make an early purchase.

PopRocks3592388d ago

What are you talking about? This isn't news at all. This is a reposting of the same quote from an "anonymous source" suggesting a claim (contradictory to the words of bigger and actually named developers) about the Wii U's power.

It's the same quote from April 2nd. A day after April Fools. The fact that you believe this at face value really shows how easily persuaded you are.

bradtramel2388d ago

I am aware this isn't news strait from Nintendo. Settle down.

Seriously, why are all of the commenters on N4G so confrontational? It goes from my simple statement about recent Wii U news, and that allows you to somehow derive characteristics about me as a person? Jeeeez.

Try this next time: "Well, yeah, reports recently haven't been positive, but they're just reports/rumors. Might serve you well to keep that in mind."

PopRocks3592388d ago

My apologies. Forgive my rise. It's frustrating to see people acting as if this rumor is suddenly a fact when there are so many actual facts suggesting otherwise.

Real and big name devs have said it's a good and in most cases "powerful" console. EA, THQ, Gearbox and even Epic. It's frustrating to see people accept the word of an anonymous source the day after April Fools. To be honest I find it ridiculous.

Akuma-2389d ago

I'll wait for the ps4. I haven't the time for shoddy tech sitting on my entertainment centre not being able to play games with higher quality than I'm useto on hd consoles now. The system can't even play dvds or blue rays . Wii u is rubbish imo. To each their own, the fans will like it and I'm a fan of cutting edge technology.

browngamer412389d ago

Man I wish these Sites would quit posting this crap as fact when it clearly is not..

DarkSniper2389d ago

This is not a surprise. Nintendo's reluctance to give their consoles proper next generation enhancements is one of the primary reasons why Dark Sniper will not be purchasing a Wii-U console.

Nintendo is employing the same market strategy and trickery that they used with the original Wii. Release an intriguing controller packaged with outdated, last gen technology. Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle by releasing the Wii right before High Definition became an affordable standard in the living room.

Truthfully, it is discouraging to see Nintendo attempt these same tactics again. Longevity has never been Nintendo's strong point, but Dark Sniper finds it odd that even PlayStation 2 has outlasted the Wii in terms of product life cycles.

The year is 2012. Next generation is almost here. If consumer reports are true, then there is no way that Nintendo can say they have kicked off next gen with a console that is graphically inferior to both PS3 and Xbox 360. With minimal effort, your PlayStation®3 can perform all of the Wii-U's functions by attaching the PlayStation® Vita to your console. Giving you the "next gen" experience that many are expecting from Nintendo.

Sorry Nintendo, there is only room for one dominant console manufacturer from the east. Stating the obvious, real next gen will start with PlayStation®4. Dark Sniper will not spend his hard earned money on a console that is only trying to compete in today's market and not tomorrow's future. As the cliche says, good things come to those who wait.

Rated N for Never.


1nsomniac2389d ago

What exactly is it that fanboys get out of life apart from being the butt of all the grown-ups jokes., I dont trust or listen to anyone that talks about themselves in third person....DarkSniper....ermmm, 1nsomniac has spoken!

Machioto2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Very funny! Bubble+1.

@rich It could be the experience they may get with the controller,personally I thought all the tech demos did not make sense for a home console but a handheld.

@mon the n64 came out 2 years after ps1 and ps2 ,GC were comparable to one another because people like to say resi 4 shows it but resident evil out break looks just as good and path of neo also did bump mapping which people said was impossible on ps2.

richierich2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

If this is true then I cant see WiiU being a success why would people pay more money for a console thats isnt as powerful as both consoles that have been out for over 6 years especially when Nextbox and PS4 are going to be revealed next year. I have been saving up for the WiiU since it has been announced but if Im unimpressed by the E3 2012 footage then I will buy a PS4 or 720 next year.

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