Seriousless News - Death and Rebirth: F-Zero

Myst writes: "It has been eight years since my eyes have feasted upon the race track, eight years too long for my liking. For far too long a racer of my caliber should not be kept from the rush and pulsating rhythm of the engine roaring as my machine and I glide down the track. Back then racing was my life it was all I had and I was strived to be more, to be the best! I raced far and wide conquering many tracks, enlisted in the grand prix and set myself up for fame; but alas something has gone awry. Though long ago are those moments that they are nothing but sweet memories for this old racer. Still I long for the days to race down the track pitting my life against the elements and others.If I could ask the sponsors of the grand prix why is it that a new competition hasn’t been made? Why can I not test my mettle against those who claim to be the best? When will my eyes feast upon a new F-Zero?"

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